Monthly Archives: February 2019

Latest meeting and first photos.

Notes from latest meeting held on Thursday 24th Jan 2019.

As usual a good turnout of 12 members began with a look at the very comprehensive notes taken by Yolanda. Major news on the land given over to the project Brian (Sec) advised that formal agreement had been reached with the Church and that we will enjoy a rolling 7 year lease arrangement at a nominal cost, many thanks to Brian! We will now work to sign the agreement in writing. Lots of members updated us with their sponsorship efforts, Malcolm Kirk securing a %10 discount off anything we want for the duration of the project with Wickes, Peter Hill has an offer from B&Q to request items in the Store month by month, each request being granted on a random ballot basis each month, and most encouragingly Brian Hooper has submitted a request via Councillor Dave Shields for £2500 news of which any day now. Ian, Hugh and ‘Loffty’ reported on numerous pending requests that have yet to bare fruit! Colin Lockwood had come up against a planning dead end and Ian and Malcolm have agreed to take this on to see what can be done. Hugh to open the Bank Account with Metro bank and signaturees were agreed. Ian gave an update on our Web presence with various numbers of likes and tweets etc on each platform. Other business discussed included other jobs to be undertaken, including quotes to be sought for the installation of various services, ie Water, Electricity, and drainage. Peter Hill to do this.

The meeting finished as usual with the group feeling optimistic about what has be achieved and what needs to be done.

Date of next meeting – 4th April @ 7.30 pm

We have posted our first pictures on our gallery page. These are related to some of the groundwork that has started on site.