Monthly Archives: June 2021

We have a shed! (well almost)

This is our first update for a while, and in the background a lot (on our build), and not a lot (meeting face to face wise), has been happening.

We have been restricted in our ability to get together to meet and do much work at our site because of the pandemic, so we have devoted most of our recent efforts to planning and fundraising and we have made some significant progress on our build. We are still trying to meet twice a week on Monday and Thursday mornings under Covid and social distancing guidelines. Here is an update on progress.

The Build.

We took the decision some time ago to purchase a custom made building (rather than build our own) but, even so, as we were starting from scratch with just a patch of ground we have had to (amongst other things):

  • Organise and sign a lease on the land – Done.
  • Clear the land – Done.
  • Obtain building regulations approval for the build – Done.
  • Arrange for the provision of water, drainage and electricity. – Partially complete.
  • Prepare for and lay the base for the shed to sit on – Done.
  • Build the shed – Partially done.

Our shed base was laid in late April by Pro Build and the major part of the shed building was put up on 1st June by Olson Timber Buildings. 

This is a very significant and pleasing milestone for us. We have been waiting for this day for almost four years! We now have a weatherproof permanent building (albeit just a shell at the moment!) for our members to meet in.

You can see some images of our progress on our Gallery page

We now need to raise more funds to finish the building so that we can open properly and allow our members to use the shed.

Just some of the things left to do are:

  • Landscaping around the building.
  • Insulate the building and plasterboard all the internal walls.
  • Install and commission internal electrics.
  • Fit a kitchen/clean up area.
  • Install and connect electricity and water.
  • Install security measures.
  • Make sure that the whole site and building are safe to use for all users.

We will continue to progress our build and fit out as funds permit over the next few months. Quite when we will be able to open properly depends though on us raising more funds.


We have been successful in applying for and receiving some grants that have enabled us to prepare the shed base and to contribute toward the costs of utility provision and for the shed itself.

However, we still need in the region of £20,000 – £30,000 to finish the work needed on the building to get it to a state where we can use it fully and safely.

We will be launching a fund raising drive in late June (so look out for that on our social media feeds) but in the meantime if you would like to make a donation please contact us or use our JustGiving page here –

And finally, if you want to come and join us, even if it just to sit and watch us work and have a coffee and a chat, please contact us by email –